Throughout history and at any moment his voice can be heard: “If you do not have religious faith, at least be magnanimous”. A gracious hero who gains his power from his true divine ideals, a hero whose objective is justice and whose goal human dignity. A courageous man who calls for “humanity and dignity” bravely and powerfully, incisively and with parched lips. It is he who with his divine thought gave a fillip to human thought so that no one could exempt himself from the respectable human binds under the pretext of not having religious faith.
Yes, this is a talk of Hussain whose epic is in the realm of love and self-sacrifice; a divine love and sacrifice deserving the beloved, love of humanity and self-ignorance when he is to offer guidance to man and be the leading light of this dangerous perilous road.
Indeed, to whom can be history balanced where his animating essence of existence gives up his life and children in the way of justice; and ironically, the more he sacrifices in this area, the more his rejuvenation will be. In fact, he travels such a path that as much as it is taken, he finds himself closer to the meaning and more finite to the God.
At the first glance to Hussain’s uprising, it can be clearly understood that power and worldly interests are not his criterion; if that was basically the case, why Hussain engages his beloved ones and children and ladies of his shrine into the battle with these power-hungry tyrants?!
His motivation in fighting is the correction of disorders in a community which is the puppet of cruel and despotic government and the evil ruler. He is after an ideal which spells ruins of nations rage over idolatries. In his thought the government is the trust from God and people, not the backyard of tyrants, individuals and parties.
Based on research and experience, we can say that if the community’s members lock soaking in their heads, indifferent to the events and process around them for making a living and providing their minor needs, then that community will apt to introduce and train the worst tyrants and the most despotic rulers. The point is that it is the thought and thinking that can prevent the growth of criminals and dictatorial government. Brutal rulers always try to make people heedless in absolute ignorance so that out of this ignorance and negligence they pave the way for reaching their dirtiest evil desires.
Hussain is the fighter of the most difficult fighting, the toughest one fighting lonely. A struggle in which the majority of community’s members either deny or ignore, either withdrawal or stand against. What roving can be deeper than this and what fight is stranger than his in which he tries to save the community from opiate while his loved ones rest in peace among the wave of denial jubilation and enmity; and their pure blood spread over the earth.
It is Hussain’s philosophy: if you are right and stand against injustice, whether apparently you are the looser of the battle to be killed or cut off the roots of oppression with your hands of justice, you are the winner. In this philosophy sword is not the symbol of victory, nor the plurality of members and the quality of instruments the criterion of superiority. Based on this logic, the one who is captivated is not humiliated; instead he is the embodiment of freedom; the one who is killed is not a lifeless body dying on the ground, rather he is the sign of existence.
Yes, this philosophy is the one in which blood over the sword prevails, and advocacy always wins the lawsuit from cruels. How surprisingly is the extent and persistence of this uprising! Is not that one of the sign of human life to share its influence?! If it is so, then who is more alive than Hussain and his resurrection?! Yet, Hussain’s accepted sound is invigorating all uprisings and every day introduces the truth of arrogance to the new area of earth’s terrestrial geography.
It is true that Hussain is a martyr for Islam and its true embodiment; still, it is his liberal and free thinking movement which motivates many other liberation movements and their leaders. Proofs for my claim are those sayings by non-Muslim intellectuals who follow Hussain’s uprising for their communities’ welfare.
It is about 1400 years that Hussain’s sound is reverberating in the ears; i.e. death with dignity and red is better than life contempt and worse. Hussain’s spiritual uprising movement is the guidance of history. His uprising is after overthrowing idolatries whether by ruling over the world or by blood and martyrdom.
Yes, Hussain’ resonance of justice is too fatal for greedy oppressors so that, being always afraid of the influence of Hussain’s name and memory on nations, they try to prevent Hussain thinking to exert its influence on human communities by casting doubt, diversion and boycott. However, they are unaware that the time of barbarism has passed. Now, people are awake and hates every evil tyrants and cruel; at the moment, human communities desire Hussain thinking and the world calls for Hussain.
Wish one day all human beings realize the depth of this point that if in any era man performs his real role properly in the right moment, everything will be organized and nations uproot themselves from binding material and then really grow.