Hussain Ibn Ali is a man whose name and memory has come to a milestone connecting to Ashura.

Although Ashura is a day like the others on the calendar,  but it is an opportunity for the constant confrontation of the right and truthfulness with brutality. A confrontation which Hussain and his followers figured out most impressively and bravely.

Hussain became the voice of all the history’s oppressed ones. He was against the most powerful ruler of its time and said right and clearly invited everyone to accept it.

Against the benevolent and humanitarian invitation of Hussain , they shot swords and daggers. He invited to the peace and prosperity of human being and the ruthless rulers to the eradication of the elegance and truthfulness light .

Hussain with the belief in his great goal resisted to his last power and moment and when he fell on the ground with his weak corpse, he registered an important message in history for truth seekers. It was a message of light and innocence, as Hussain himself was of the same type.

Imam Hussain left an everlasting painting for human beings on the day of Ashura. This event proved the human potential of great rise and fall for the descendants and proved the freedom  . Of acts and choices. The freedom of human to choose the goods or the bads.

While heading to Karbala, Hussain warned all ! The ones who want to prepare their souls to meet Allah, should come with us. We are heeding off in the sunrise, hopefully. Hussain is not saying I’m meeting death and we’re moving out of universe, but he is declaring that if anyone is looking forward to meeting Allah, should join me in the morning. If freedom and Prosperity is reached by me being killed, So oh! Swords! Surround me! I am a way for this idea to survive. I am all prepared.

From Hussain’s child to his brother, from himself to his servant, from that Quran reciter to the Kufeh’s children teacher, and that of relative or stranger, from that great rich man in the community to those men free of any pride and social honor, all and all, brotherly accepted martyrdom to teach all the men, women, children, youth, and elderly how to live.

At the last moment, Hussain declared loudly that if there is anyone to help him and take his revenge. Doesn’t he know that there is nobody to help and take revenge. This is a question of tomorrow’s human history.

When you feel a great grief from the bottom of your heart and wish you had been with him, this proves that your soul is greatly at his serve. He is the king and owner of the souls. The others might own our bodies, but he owns our free conscience. In history, the swords control the unconscious of humans. Who is the winner? Is it the one who owns the free conscience or the obliged one?

Everybody’s death is a clear mirror of his life. If the human’s life is related to the field of meta-physics, death will be sweet to him. Hussain realizes death as a part of life, and not the end of life.

Hussain is everlastingly alive who is martyred each Ashura and invites all to the right front.

Hussain is alive forever to the existence of human being, to the time the sun shines as a leading light and won’t disappear.