Ashura; A Present Fact, Beyond Time and Place

There is a basic relationship between Ashura and the truth on one hand, and Hussain Ibn Ali and humanity on the other hand. Karbala is the most important confrontation scene of ignorance and knowledge, captivity and freedom, the dignity and excellence of human soul. Since this is a true scene, and not symbolic, it has affected humanity over centuries and different historic periods continuously. Over this long period of history, speaking about Ashura not only has not been looking aged and repeating, but also has opened new sensible perspectives to the sight of truth seekers the way its message is still fresh and active in the present time.

Ashura and the story of Imam Hussain is a global event which means the truth and facts seen in the series of causes and outcomes don’t belong to a single land, race, or culture, as this is an event of confronting two groups of right and wrong. In addition to the world’s Shias, many of the non-Moslems and non-Shias have confirmed the incredible movement of Imam Hussain and the German researcher Kourt Frisheler puts it like this:

Hussain being killed, as all the other killings, was a disaster. A neutral researcher sees it as a high mountain as the disaster of the other wars are hidden behind Karbala and are not noticed. The main reason which made this disaster great was that it was not done to save one’s life and didn’t have a worldly purpose and even Hussain didn’t intend to leave his name in history by his sacrifice and it was the others who kept his name in history.

Also, many of the great world leaders have made Imam Hussain and his movement as their role model in their struggles. As Mahatma Gandhi said, “ we don’t do anything special, we are just following the way of the third Imam of Shias.

Portraying the logic of Ashura movement and humanity, transnational, transcendental features gives this opportunity to the present human to understand the great purposes and building elements of Ashura and sympathizing with its characters.

As we take a deep look at the characters of Karbala, we notice that they are a small representative humanity group; elderly, youth, teenager, children, each of whom had a role in the movement of Ashura and portrayed a fact for the descendants.

This is a society which can be created today, a society in which all the elderlies, youth, teenagers, and children are supposed to play their own role to set up the great humanity features.

In fact, the sympathy of today’s human with Imam Hussain and his followers and getting inspiration from this movement puts him on the way towards the great aspiration and greatness of human-being.

In fact, the flag which Imam Hussain raised was the one of freedom, truthfulness, and justice and has invited you to fight against anything anti-human and the free people have been trying to raise it up over history.