Every silence helps to increase oppression and gives rights to the ruthless side, so break the silence and say ya Hussain

When you forgive a person and give them an opportunity again, say ya Hussain


When you saw cruelty and didn't stay silent, say ya Hussain

If you are tired from doing good deeds in the name of God, continue and say ya Hussain

The moment we take the right side over the wrong side of our day, without any benefit, say ya Hussain

Say ya Hussain, when you go out of your home and can humble yourself when you see someone whom you know is better

If your heart is pure from betrayal, trickery, and deception, say ya Hussain

When understanding peoples' needs and trying to satisfy them, say ya Hussain

In the right path, through the hard times and difficulties, if you are patient, say ya Hussain

If through the work of GOD, you sacrifice your family and your life, say ya Hussain

If you believe in the path of Allah, despite the obstacles, go ahead say ya Hussain

If you see that you were looking at GOD's eyes at any moment, say ya Hussain

Complaisance is worship, whenever you act similarly, say ya Hussain

When you drink the water, you remember Karbala's thirsty lips. say ya Hussain




If at the height of your plights you do not forget to help others in their plights, say ya Hussain