Introduce "Ashura" To The World Honestly .

Hussain is like a light that never extinguished

Hussain is like a light that is never extinguished.

Hussain is everlastingly alive who is martyred each Ashura and invites all to the right front.

Every day is Ashura , Every land is Karbala

Every day is Ashura , Every land is Karbala

There is a basic relationship between Ashura and the truth on one hand, and Hussain Ibn Ali and humanity on the other hand.

The whole world calls hussein

The whole world calls Hussain

At the moment, human communities desire Hussein thinking and the world calls for Hussein.

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The campaign “Say Ya Hussain” launched in 2017 in attempt to help people remember Imam Hussain’s personality with every good deed they do in their daily lives. Because Imam Hussain was a man of God and a free man who gave everything he had in the name of justice, we still remember him by doing good deeds in everyday life, in his memory.
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